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Welcome to the forum, afrikbest.

The "ads" are audio files of about 2-minutes (120~123 seconds, neither more nor less) long, tagged (make sure the v1 and v2 tags match) "Advert:" in both the artist and song.
Also keep in mind that your radio must be accepted in the SHOUTCast Monetization Program (for SCSS this is automatic, for DNAS+ you get an authhash), and there is a minimum broadcast of 500h/day (in audience this means 22 concurrent listeners, minimum) to fulfill the requirements.
Last but not least, check that your encoding/bps in your RMO settings match the ones on your streaming. This is for Radionomy to 'overlay' the ads in the correct format when the "Advert:" triggers kick in.

Hope it helps,

I have no ties to Radionomy/TargetSpot in any way. My posts/replies are my own so any advice I can give, try at your own risk.
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