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If you don't mind me asking, amigo, how old are you? I ask because you sound like some geezer from back in the late sixties Nixon Administration shouting, "Get a job, you DFH welfare scum." I mean, really now. Millions of people taking to the streets of every major city in the world; million of people gathering to protest the obvious lies the bush regime was ginning up to start their illegal war on brown people can't be swept away with a breezy, "they're a bunch of unemployed smelly hippies on welfare." I know you're smarter than that. And posting a picture of a black man rioting about Rodney king or wherever you got that image doesn't make your case. The millions of people who protested the rush to an illegal war of aggression in Iraq did not riot and burn their neighborhoods. I know you know that.

I'm not on welfare, have not been unemployed for longer than 3 weeks in the last two decades, am too young to be a hippie and am anything bur a yuppie ( I live in a rural area of dirt roads and pickup trucks, likely very much like you) but I took a couple of days off work and marched in SF along with 250,000 other concerned people. I know you think I'm a liberal scum. I think I'm a patriot for standing up to my government when it's so obviously running off the tracks. Oh and for the record, I'm very disappointed in Obama, too for continuing the Hell that was w. I still am glad McCain/Palin aren't in power, but I'm already looking elsewhere for 2012.

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