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the adminpassword will not work for source connections. it might have done so for v1.x setups (and if it did, it's one more reason to stop using the v1.x DNAS), but its not allowed for with a v2.x DNAS unless you've set the passwords the same (which is also not recommended to do).

the most likely cause of "invalid DJ/password" if connecting to the DNAS is that you're:
a) using either an old version of the Source DSP
b) you're running an older version of the DNAS that doesn't support the DJ field being filled (i.e. anything prior to v2.2.x)
c) you're connecting with the correct details to the wrong thing (i.e. mixing up the DNAS and autodj)
d) like 'c' but you've instead used the wrong password for the stream # required to connect to

the Source DSP plug-in should not be causing other sources to disconnect if you're connecting to the DNAS directly.

if you've got an autodj already connected, then that is completely explaining the message you're getting.

so based on what i've probably not got right as to what your setup actually is, you either need to connect the DJ via the autodj (if it's one that has the means to do that) or you need to disconnect the autodj first and then connect the DJ to the DNAS. if that's a wrong assumption, you really need to properly describe the whole setup that you're working with.
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