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Hi Koopa,

You may be getting tired of hearing from me and I'm getting tired of testing the BT (although I'm learning a lot). But since you directly asked me to test the latest version, I want to do a thorough job (instead of just testing the parts I have a personal interest in). So I've gone thru things 1 more time (line by line and file by file) and see 1 final thing to ask you about.

There are the following 3 folders in my configuration.


The 1st folder contains 1 file, "omBrowser.ini". It is backed up and restored correctly.

The 2nd folder is empty and is ignored by the BT.

The 3rd folder is also ignored, but it contains 6 files. One of the files is named "cache.ini" and the other 5 are .png images (1 of which doesn't have the extension attached to it's name). I think these files were left behind by an unofficial online service I had tested and removed a few months ago, but I can't be sure. They may also be from an online service I removed (via a Winamp context menu command) that was once included in the Winamp installation pack.

My question is, is it OK for the BT to ignore these 2 subfolders?

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