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Hans Doberman... long time no bark!

Hello all,
Well I must say it has been a long time between drinks. Ah, but for a sweet glass of milkdrop...

I've been busy on other projects, Uni 4.0, Girlfriend 3.1, Social Life 0.99, and such.

I have been doing a few quiet presets on the side, but have not really done a whole heap for the last 3 or 4 months.

Atomic Clockwork:
Anyway, here's a mod of one of my earlier presets, which I believe originated from an output of EMPR (y'all remember that one don't you?)

Plus 'Sailcloth' - a non reactive preset - perhaps good for exploitation for modding, otherwise it makes a wonderful relaxant (or whatever...)

and a third one I can't quite remember what it was since i've just put it in the zip abotu 30 seconds ago. Oh well, I guess you'll find out...

It's good to be back,
..the front of me feels good too.

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