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Originally posted by jojo 544
Why all this trouble when you can just: select all, enqueue
Pay attention now. If this was added AND a feature was added where the currently playing song was hilighted/bold or something, I would no longer need to have the DL and PL open - the DL would work just fine, as it would appear to work just like the PL (except for my JTFE inlist queuing, but I wouldnt expect it to work.)

To me, this is a good idea. I use the ML, DL, and PL. I like them all. However, I despise having 3 of them. I have argued in other threads that there is an easy way to combime the PL/ML, but these fell on Nullsofts deaf ears, despite other people liking my ideas. Now with the DL, I got 3 windows to deal with. With these two changes the PL becomes redundant (at least while being used with the DL, but not if being used with the ML.) Understand?

I just dont want so many damn windows. Anything that consolidates the functioning of them is a good thing to me. That why I want Joonas to help Dr. O with PlEx!
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