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Originally posted by xzxzzx
MSN is my primary mode of talking with quite a few people. Even at work. That having been said, I don't think I could live without Messenger Plus and the patch.

(Unless, of course, this version isn't annoying like every version since 5 or so)
There is going to be a Windows Live Messenger Plus Plugin soon, but no word on when it will be released: . Also, the patch would be awesome.

I will say, that this version of messenger is really nice. There are some annoyances (which pertain to the programs want to push MSN video), but other than that, it is a solid app with a sleek new design and some really cool new stuff.

So, yeah, d0rk and alida, check your PMs.

/edit, oh yeah, I forgot. there is a list of new features in Windows Live Messenger here



Yeah, that's pretty much it. :-\
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