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camelcamelcamel - Amazon product tracking

Since I ended up getting a fair amount of useful (nudge) feedback from my thread for Shup (my multi-uploader tool) I thought I'd share my new project! I've been alpha testing it with a few friends and it seems to be working pretty well, so it feels like time to expand the group a little bit. So, keeping in mind that it's an alpha test and that it has little-to-no design (mmmm programmer art)....

camelcamelcamel is a tool that allows you to track the pricing and availability of products on You tell it what product you want and at what price you want it, and it alerts you (via email, rss) when those conditions are true.

What separates it from other tracking sites (as far as I can tell; I haven't done much research since I would have coded it regardless.) is the stock portfolio-esque tracking list and the pricing history that we accumulate for every product. It's incredibly useful to be able to see the last 5 price points for the product you want to buy, as well as the average/high/low points. I've already purchased two items on my tracking list, so it does seem fairly useful.


An example of a product page with a good price history.
The portfolio-style tracked products list.

Try it at ! You don't even have to register, if you don't mind keeping track of all your products yourself. Please share any ideas/questions/comments you may have. And try to remember that it's an alpha test, so be gentle =)

For a good time: shup | stashbox | my homepage

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