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In a forest, sound quality is going to very quickly deteriorate anyway with all the reverb caused by trees. Having a damn good sound card in a forest is like wearing an Armani suit with designer shoes in a forest.

If there's money to spend, spend it on strong amps/speakers and stuff that will protect the gear from the outdoor elements. Having sound outdoors requires a lot of power and careful speaker placement/aiming just to be able to hear it all right. Poorly placed speakers can cause some horrible sounding music effects when the sound reflects off a wall of trees and comes back to the listener a quarter or half second after it comes out of the speakers. Many times, you hear the bass quickly and the midrange/treble in a big delay which is funny at first, but becomes real annoying fast. What's worse, bad weather can really screw up your gear if you don't consider protective measures and a quick escape plan if it starts raining.

A single-drive terabyte including a damn good external enclosure can be bought for $213 from Dell. Storage is cheap. Look for a Western Digital "My Book"

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