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Hi STISev:

I don't know about the downtime, other than yesterday when we had a little bit. I haven't experienced it otherwise, but I guess it's time to move it to a slightly less ghetto server room

The number of items tracked problem is probably due to your active filters not following your user account, but rather your session. Each browser would get its own session, so make sure you have the same filters active (on the right side of the Tracked Products page).

I will investigate the Track Product button bug in Opera, I definitely am not purposely ignoring you guys!

That is a good idea! And it fits right in with the camel style. I had planned on adding the "mark as purchased" button already but a form specifically for that would be nice. Although, you can already just go in and track the product at the purchase price, the site just doesn't expire it in 30 days.

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