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Hot wings, Jalapeno Wings, Honey Mustard Wings. Foster Farms has fully cooked nukable ones that I get in a 6 pound bag from Costco. 8 wings. paper towel on top. 7 minutes. Ding. Just had some.

I like cheese. My favorite lately has been Wasabi cheese, but Gouda is always good. Cheese and grapes or apples... good snack... Hot dogs, polish sausage also nukable or grillable.

I keep some chili and ravioli around. I bought some frozen egg rolls this week. 1 minute nuke. Good with some mustard powder and water (make a paste) for dip. Or you can buy some plum sauce in the asian section.

I like nukular popcorn sometimes. It seems like the cheaper the better. Orville Reddenbacker sucks.

Frozen burritos and chocolate milk. Don't ask me why? Good for a hangover. Needs Tapatio hot sauce... the best.

Chips and salsa. Nuke some cheddar on the chips and side with some sour cream. Good with some ground beef on it too. I usually grill an extra burger to save for chopping up and topping chips.

Should always have some cookies. My favorite is oatmeal raisin.

How did I get to 204 when I should weigh about 185? I weighed 190 for 2 decades... then turned 40....

I wouldn't mind so much but my ass went to my stomach too. Had to buy wider belts to keep my pants up.

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