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Simple Play list..?

I assembled some presets into several..Play list.. this isn't a release of any kind.. or any real remix.. just sort of gathering of presets...that I enjoy..You should be fine as long as you have 2.81d.. and all the remaining resources should already be installed for most, Like I said is mostly just a play list of sorts, with AVS files( which is awesome you guys thanks )
Names relative to connections in my head , to the representation..

6MOD7 - 60's Mod spanning to 70's
7MOD8 - 70's Mod spanning to 80's
8MOD9 - 80's Mod spanning to 90's
BIT - Lower bit level graphics
BWC - Black White Color
Div/POS-NEG - Personal Favs
Flow - self explanatory
GSR - or as I would like to call it 9MOD0 - 90's - 00's
Inner - I dunno.. it fits
Min - Minimal but 3D kind of fits a scene
Soft - Girl Party.. uhm.. or something like that
Tech - was a start ... has some good ones.. would like to expand, but its in there
TV - You know that Old analog TV that sitting there in the homeless camp..viewing Marilyn Manson videos.. with radioactive interference.. yeah that one..( always sitting sideways..

So I also have a folder of other presets that I pulled out.. but did not include it..

I thought that maybe as a general topic other AVS'ers or just people who like presets.. had a view about the structure or maybe what could be done to improve it..

When you unzip I would make a folder first because I packaged it inside of the main folder..

The Attachment is too large for upload = 601.22KB

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