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Report it, telling the authorities to watch the intersection(s) where it happens most often. I've done it after nearly getting hit as a pedestrian, and they watched it for a while, making a few pull-overs.

edit - adding a niggling annoyance - my mind decided to take work home with me again, and I can't seem to sleep until I get this shit handled. I was starting to get good at leaving work at work and allowing the drive home to switch work off, but after a full school year of average 60+ (sometimes 70+) hour weeks, I'm starting to have trouble getting work out of my head. I'm getting close to the end though. Students leave May 26, my last day for this year is June 16, which will give me plenty of time to catch up and plan for next year. Then free summer - mid June until early August.

Anyone else letting work come home?

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