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Originally Posted by k_rock923 View Post
I want to have wine, but my ex took all of my nice wine glasses when she moved
Dude. Did you just get completely pussified? Next time get rid of the woman before you get fucked up. You are a man. If you want some fucking wine, knock the cork down the neck with a table knife and take a big pull off the bottle. Merlot is especially good that way.

You can put your pinkie back in when you drink tea now, leave the toilet seat up, and not fight with the fuzzy monster she attached to the toilet seat lid.

I can actually open my medicine cabinet without a ton of shit crashing into the sink. I'm getting ready to move. I need to get a quick girlfriend so that she can leave me and take most of this shit with her

4 years single. It would take quite a woman to talk me out of it.
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