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It's more than a bit of a big brother world in the USA. The fictional city of Chicago in the game "Watch Dogs" is not very far from the current reality. There are cameras everywhere, monitoring everything. There are more and more bright and colorful digital billboards going up that change their political and commercial messaging on a daily basis or faster.

One of the candidates for state governor this year is an owner of the biggest company putting these billboards up. He says he will not draw a salary or accept a pension if he wins. He says he just wants to 'help' the people of the state live better lives. The latest 'polls' have him tied with the current governor.

We are being herded and controlled in the name of 'security', efficiency and a 'better life'. Since too many want to look at things through 'rose colored glasses' or refuse to consider the possible downside of things, there will be no turning back. Most are caught up in their individual pursuits and believe anything 'bad' or restrictive will happen to someone else who 'deserves' it.

Yeah, the world of "1984" is becoming real, just delayed a few decades. I tend to worry a bit about my children's, and their children's, future. Sure there are social and economic problems, but I don't think 'big brother' is the best way to solve them. Anyway, what do I know, time will tell.

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