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Originally Posted by zephalis View Post
Do you mean "out_wave", "out_DiskWriter", and "out_DirectSound" are "enc_*.dll" or is there somewhere else that I'm supposed to be looking (speaking of the Prefs/Plugins section)?
From the context of the thread and your mention for a desire for "out_mp3" it appears you have confused the output plugins for encoder plugins. Just to clarify some things I will go ahead and delineate the common types and what they do.

[in_*.dll] These are called input plugins and they decode incoming data, whether it be a file in your filesystem or an online resource such as a file hosted on a webserver or an audio stream. They are also the driving force of the audio processing chain. Not all input plugins actually utilize Winamp's audio processing chain.

[dsp_*.dll] These are called digital signal processor plugins (or just DSPs for short) and they modify/transform audio data from input plugins. For example, equalization, loudness maximization, spacial dilation, noise removal, etc.

[vis_*.dll] These are called visualization plugins. They examine incoming audio data and present visual effects based on that data, like for example, jumping bars that move in response to various frequencies or swirly colored lines that vibrate to the sounds.

[out_*.dll] These are called output plugins and they receive audio data and present it to the audio replication device (AKA, sound cards.) There are more kinds of output devices than the standard PCM audio output devices you find in most computers. They are rare however so the differences between the output plugins that come with Winamp have to do with how PCM data is presented and handled to the audio device.

[gen_*.dll] These are called generic plugins. These don't actually normally work directly on or with the audio data chain but are more about augmenting or changing certain aspects of the Winamp UI or adding additional management functions or expanding Winamp's capabilities outside of audio processing.

[ml_*.dll] These are called media library plugins and these are a special subset of plugins of the Media Library group. Generally (but not always) these plugins are more like playlist management plugins that can utilize a built-in database API from Winamp. I've not yet created an ML plugin yet so my knowledge of these can be a bit iffy.

[enc_*.dll] These are called encoder plugins. They don't actually appear on the plugins preferences pane, aren't part of Winamp normal audio processing chain, and their existence is only seen/felt when a user wants to encode audio media from one type to another, for example, transcoding an MP3 file into a FLAC file.

There are other types but they aren't commonly referenced/distributed and generally work behind the scenes.

Originally Posted by zephalis View Post
And a big big thank you for that!
You're welcome.

Originally Posted by zephalis View Post
Am I to understand then that all of this is an aside to whatever the new company is doing with Winamp?
I have no idea.
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