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I'm not familiar with Icecast servers so I have no idea what's going on. And as long as they keep doing that they won't get any Winamp listeners. They probably tested it with VLC and assumed Winamp would work too. VLC can play the streams despite their misnomer but I think that's because VLC's Vorbis and Opus decoding probably come from the same plugin, or it has an API that allows it to pass a socket handle to the correct plugin after discovery. Either way, I was still able to get Winamp to play the falsely Opus-labeled vorbis streams by setting the default plugin to in_vorbis and temporarily removing in_bpopus just to confirm my conclusion.

I literally sat here for like 4+ hours with a debug build of in_bpopus trying to figure out why the streams wouldn't play. I only discovered the reason after I finally put temporary debug code in to save the initial raw stream data to a file and opened it with a hex editor. I was not a happy camper when I saw that the Opus header and tag fields were missing from the initial pages.
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