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The patch will be in the next version, but I am going to wrap it into a #ifndef _WIN32 block.

It's interesting though, some setups redirect the call, and some keep them separate. If I recall correctly, the 64 bit calls are only for all-in-one installers between 2GB and 4GB.

I am considering adding another setting that allows splitting the data block into two parts, one for the exehead and one for the main install files. I'm thinking of using reservefile to add exehead specific files, the main reason is so that the installer .exe can become a downloadable stub, so that it downloads quick. Then it can be run with some downloader plugin that downloads the main datablock file. I will probably add a check for existing datablock files too, so that it only has to be downloaded once. Don't know when that will happen, I am quite busy at the moment.

[edit] Also, I'm ok with which ever way nsis goes. It's quite nice having a fork because it keeps the main nsis package tight and lean, I don't actually like bloated software much. [/edit]

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