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Originally Posted by Yathosho View Post
Building works fine when I add the following to Source/util.h:

#ifdef __APPLE__
# define fseeko64 fseeko
# define ftello64 ftello

The reason why I'm so interested in getting this to work is Homebrew, a popular package manager for macOS (also available for Linux). Now I have two options integrate this change:

1. patch util.h before building
2. hope that upstream adds this to util.h

Both work fine, but of course the second option feels cleaner. Any objects to add these four lines of code, JasonFriday13?
I'm close to finishing the next version of nsisbi, can I ask you to do a little testing for me please? I've added a new mode, and a handful of new instructions:

SetExOutFile has been renamed: OutFileMode auto|aio|data|stub
Stub mode turns the installer into a stub, which can run without the main .nsisbin file. And this allows an internet plugin to download the file, and then use that for the install.

StubFile, for adding files to the stub (otherwise identical to File)
ReserveStubFile, for reserving files in the stub (otherwise identical to ReserveFile)
VerifyExternalFile [path_to_nsisbin], used to verify and use the .nsisbin file.

These are documented in the help files too.

If you run into any issues, let me know .

Diff (use NSIS 3.04 stable as the base):

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