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Before I start I got a few more questions.

Q. Does each pc I am running winamp on need the sc_serv2 and sc_trans installed? or can I use the older version on 3pcs and the new version on only 1?

Q. Do I need to run both the binary/sc_serv sc_serv2.conf and the binary/sc_trans sc_trans2.conf at the same time? If yes, do both files need to be running on all 4 pc`s at the same time?

I can understand the path for binary/sc_serv sc_serv2, but the binary/sc_trans sc_trans2 I can't quite understand that one because in the old version of shoutcast there is no sc_trans file at least I don't recall using that one. Would I need to create that file as well and would the contents be the same as the sc_trans2?

Q. Shouldn't the DJ's schedule script be stored in the calendar.xml file?
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