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yesterday i put up a shoutcast 2 server and a trancecoder 2 as well to test the new features and see if its something i wanna implement.

apart from the poor documentation i been able to get it to work only i hit a few snags.

with two aacp streams it works fine (sc_trans providing he streams) but when i start using one mp3 encoder and one aacp encoder the aacp stream doesnt seem to work any more.
the server says its up and running and the client can try to connect (it recives a 200 OK message) but then the stream stops.
in the sc_trans log there are no errors but in the sc_serv log there is the following error when i try to connect.
2010-07-13 17:00:11 E msg:[dst sid=2] Socket error while waiting to send data. err=Broken pipe(32)

im not sure what this means it seems to me that sc_serv is for some reason unable to send data which is curius couse the mp3 stream works just fine and uses the same portnumber.

id a priciate a lil help with getting this going again so far the new version has bene very promising.
(apart from the documentation that really needs work so the not so cumputer savyvy people can understand and get the basic's going as well)


I tryed switching to outprotocol=3 meaning shoutcast2(uvox21) with this set in sc_trans both streams work

im still wondering wy the listen link on the webpage http://hostname:8200/index.html?sid=# sends the client to its local loopback ( this should be ether the server hostname or simply the server ip telling a client to connet to its own local loopback wont get it connected
would any one here happen to know where you can set that in the .conf file?

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