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something i just noticed and it seems od to me why this would be done.

when a single instance of sc_serv is serving twe or more streams to cleints it doesnt show how manny clients have connected to which particular stream it just shows the total number of clients connected to the server.

It would be more usefull to be able to see how manny cleints connect to a partucular stream.
I personaly find it usefull to see how manny people connect to the low bandwidth streams and how manny connect to the high bandwidth streams.

Is this a setting issue or is this just the behavier of shoutcast ?


when using outprotocol=3 meaning shoutcast2(uvox21) i noticed that the previusly working introfile is no longer being played when i connect to the stream?
it still says that is has an intro file in the admin pannel and other then swithcing to outputprotocol 3 i haven changed any thing (posible bug?)

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