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Originally Posted by versusradio View Post
I have seen some provider offer port 80 streaming or some kind of proxy feature that allows for listeners behind firewall to gain access, how does that work?
it is posible but not simple

for instance a firewall could scan the trafic and port trancelate the shoutcast trafic to reroute it to a seperate socket.

as i posted before its not posible to have multiple applications using a single socket. sockets are the way computers tel what trafic is ment for which application.

a simple way to have a webserver and shoutcast both on port 80 on the same machine is to use two IP's that way the there are two sockets with port 80 (once more a socket is a combination of an ip and port number)

still streaming over port 80 is something that shoutcast has always been able to so because you can just set it to use a port number of choice. keep in mind that using port 80 as a source port with the intent that people behind a firewall can listen is pointles.
this may fool rather old firewalls but current firewals look at the acutal trafic rather then just the port number and they will detect that its not http trafic but an audio stream.

try shoutcast in a normal way first and then solve the problems for people who posibly cant listen keeping in mind that if their company firewall doesnt allow streams it probably wont matter if you stream over port 80.
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