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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
i cannot answer if it'll be fixed as i'm still unable to reliably reproduce the issue which makes it hard to resolve plus i have other bug fixes waiting to be rolled out which rate higher than that issue currently.
Hmmm...did my instructions not work? I tried on several platforms and got the same results so I figured I'd hit the nail square on the head.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
as for the dj priority, the docs do state that the higher the 'djpriority' value, then that one will take precedence on connection attempts -> or am i missing something somewhere else?
Well, when I think priority, I think of #1 as the highest. #3 would be lower than #2 and #2 would be lower than #1, etc. It's just a bit of a terminology problem, I suppose. Perhaps something in parentheses along the lines of "the larger the number, the higher the priority" would be helpful?
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