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Originally Posted by garybaldy72uk View Post
Have you tested a stream with a Standalone encoding program such as Altacast to see if the buffering problem happens with that? I found It solved a lot of my issues....

The encoders in SAM broadcaster never have worked that well & From what i read they keep getting worse with every release.

Not had buffering issues since I switched software.
I have not tried altacast, worth trying though, but I used winamp with shoutcast DSP plug in and does the same thing as sam broadcaster, I have 2014.3 installed, but also tried 4.9.8 version and same thing.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
the prime clue for the issue is you're trying to do the encoding of the steam on a VPS (irrespective of the encoding software as you've clearly shown).

as encoding the stream is going to use more resources than streaming (in general) and based on prior experience, not all VPS solutions have the CPU resources to cope with it (which is a different requirement to having lots of bandwidth).

so the first thing to do is check how maxed out the VPS is when you're running the encoding on it as well as checking what restrictions is present as part of your package and what you may need to do to upgrade to something with more CPU resources.
I do understand if the cpu is maxed out, but While sam or shoutcast dsp is running and encoding in mp3 with 2 outputs for high and low qualities, cpu usage stays 0-2%.

My package is unrestricted, full admin access with windows 2008 r2, I'm guaranteed 3.30ghz quad core cpu with 4 gigs of ram.

and with OS and sam running It's using 1.52GB.
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