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Originally Posted by BillT View Post
If I'm wearing a zippered jacket, and Rosemarie's hand is raised to her face. then yes--I'm that Billy. You must have been a good (e)friend if she chose to share these photos with you. Interesting how the electronic age creates connections.
Hi Bill, yup, that's the one, she sent me those several years ago, it's quite amazing to finally put some words to the other person in the photo, she spoke very warmly of you when she sent that photo, you were 'the bomb' apparently

The electronic age and in particular social media has indeed made the world a much smaller place, cliché I know, folk connect up in ways we'd never imagined as kids.

That photo you posted on your first post, that's a much clearer copy of the one she sent me, the one I have has had it's crinkles and scratches photoshopped out, think I prefer the authentic look of yours, it's a great snapshot of time, just wonderful.

I see snippets of conversations and interactions between myself and Ro on an almost daily basis thanks to the magic of Facebook memories, she was a prolific commentator on just about any aspect of my life, though my cat got most of the love and attention for some reason , seeing stuff on there makes me simultaneously sad and glad at the same time, I think if we can leave those kind of thoughts behind with folk after we go, then that's not a bad thing.
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