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don't you just hate people who gloat when you feel REALLY bad?

so do i'm going to do it.

Today i went on a Physics trip to some alternative energy center in Wales. yay. But my g/f was going yay . So, we were about to go on a tour around this place when she said "do you want to go and do something...else" we did (my first time) i love life . Then i got home and my LEGAL copy of Medal of Honour - Allied Assault had arrived. AND my sister's friend had given me a cd (long story, but basically we have the same music taste and we swap) and the CD 0wnz (Lost Prophets).

So, i'm just gonna sit here listening to this CD on my kick-ass puter talking in #******* for a bit longer, drinking beer, having just had a lovley pizza. Then i'll go play some more MOH - AA
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