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mkv and mp4 are just containers for the audio &/or video which goes inside them. so the problem you're having is apparently not having the decoding support for whatever codec is used inside of the files. if you have made sure that you've installed the 5.63a version of the EP, then you may need to use a tool to determine what codecs are used in the files you're having issues with (i think something like gspot may help but that's going on memory - am sure someone else will be able to better clarify things).

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2) According to my bill, I ordered and paid for Winamp pro 5.63, however the download link gives me winamp5622_pro_all.exe or have current links - i have to assume the link you got in the bill is due to an issue with the details not having been updated correctly on digital river's side (which is always a pain from what i gather).

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