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check it out

my daddy got a job...24 years ago. so did mommy. they went to c-o-l-l-e-g-e.

how do we manage to get by with 60k or so a year? to start, my parents had only as many kids as they could take care of (2), unlike most families in utah, and most minority (broad generalisation here) families in utah seem to do. we have three family vehicles (the newest being a 2003 truck with zero miles on it :P) plus one provided by daddy's work. somehow we get by actually sharing. strange eh? contrary to popular belief, it is possible to live in a nice house on our total income. and have a nice big plot of land to go with it. one time my daddy hurt his back at work and was on disability. his pride hurt so much he still beats me every day. i don't pay for gas. i ride the campus shuttle like a normal person. speaking of which, mommy and daddy are paying for my college and my brother's high school expenses. i help them by getting scholarships and paying for what i can. not being too moochy = good. and somehow mommy and daddy manage to fly places and go on vacation and see things and make new friends. i don't know how they do all that on a measely 60k..only in america.

sweet revelation.

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