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It's easy for people who don't pay mortgages and have never had to make that payment while unemployed to make fun, but the fact is, most everyone lives up to their level of income, no matter what it is. Perhaps one family is pulling in 100K a year, and another family is pulling in 60K a year. That doesn't mean that the family making more is socking away 40K a year. More likely they live in a bigger house and are making bigger payments on that house. People don't plan on losing their job, or at least most people don't. When you lose your job, the funny thing is that the bills keep coming, and they don't get any smaller.

Working at Burger King is not going to make up for the lost income, and you make think it's easy to get a job at Burger King, but I'll bet it's not. Why would they want to hire someone who is so ridiculously overqualified that they will most likely still be looking for a job and leave as soon as they get one. Not a good long term strategy for Burger King. Also, when you are unemployed, you need to devote yourself to hunting for another job, not flipping burgers.

Unemployment payments are intended to allow a person to look for a new job - they aren't intended to cover a CEO for two weeks until he can get that busboy job at the local steakhouse. Also, you don't know what you are talking about if you are comparing unemployment payments with disability payments. Disability payments are usually some percentage of your usual wage, something like 75%. Unemployment payments are usually $300-$400 a week. That might sound like a lot to some, but if you have a $1700 mortgage to make, that eats up the whole thing.

In other words, it's easy for the college student with a paid-for education to scoff, because that person hasn't dealt with the real world yet. Come back and talk to me after you are out of school, with a family to support, house payments, utility bills, grocery bills, car payments, etc.
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