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Originally posted by MidnightViper88
I wouldn't have any idea who would win...

Hillary Clinton is a Clinton, so she has 9 political lives...On the other hand, if you don't vote for Obama, you're a racist bigot against blacks...But Edwards is definitly washed out
You may be correct, but calling Edwards washed out at this stage of the game is silly. Two dinky states have had their primary/caucus and that represents exactly 5% of the process. Remember Dean was a "sure " winner at this point 4 years ago and Bill C. lost both iowa and nh in 1992. I'll be the first to admit that Edwards has a steep climb in front of him, especially with essentially a press blackout on him. I hope he sticks it our to the end so his issues and message can be heard -- he's the only viable candidate who's talking about breaking the choke hold the large corporations have on our system.

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