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Originally posted by gaekwad2
Ah yeah, all just taken out of context...

...exept his whole "NWO" rhetoric reeks of nazi conspiracy theories.
(Also, how do you take a whole newsletter out of context?)
When did I say anything about a newsletter being taken out of context? What are you smokin', man? Heheh. You Godwin'd yourself.

Originally posted by gaekwad2
Oh and, read closely, he doesn't need to be racist to pander to them.
Ah, your point makes even less sense than I thought. All right, fine. Let us say that Ron Paul is lying, and he really *did* at least read the newsletters and endorse them, and was really trying to pander to the "white-supremacist movement". Why the fuck would he do that?

I mean, it's not a big demographic, and the man's views are practically the antithesis of the idea of treating men as part of collective groups (rather than treating them as individuals).

Originally posted by gaekwad2
No, it simply means the same as any other endorsement.
Except that you're trying to use it in a reverse way, a way that doesn't make sense. It's like the old IQ test thing, "True or false: If all X are Y, and some Y are Z, then all X are Z".

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