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New beta DSP

BogProg LiveWire 0.0 BETA now available for testing. The target audience is SHOUTcast DSP users who wish to mix in a secondary audio signal into their station audio stream. A DSP stacker plugin is required to make it work with the SHOUTcast DSP but it does function all by itself.

The two main features of this DSP is it's ability to automatically mix in incoming audio; and to select a different audio source like a Virtual Audio Cable, another sound card, or a USB headset.

None of the buttons, knobs, or boxes are labeled yet so you'll have to figure out what it all does by just playing with it.

The buffering is rather large so expect to see a large amount of memory allocated. This is normal. Once it stabilizes though you should see little to no changes in the amount of memory being used (except during song transistions.)

Not recommended for systems with processors under 900MHz with less than 500Mb of ram (although it will still function... ...sorta.)

Feedback is welcomed.
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