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d3dpp.FullScreen_RefreshRateInHz = D3DPRESENT_RATE_DEFAULT;

d3dpp.PresentationInterval = D3DPRESENT_INTERVAL_IMMEDIATE; // no vsync
d3dpp.PresentationInterval = D3DPRESENT_INTERVAL_ONE; // vsync

I didn't mean to be rude, but fixing the issue would be great for those of us who like to use winamp to play our movies. I can't see how you dont see those lines when things are moving fast in the latest version, unless you still use a crt or a very bad monitor. Im not the first one complaining about it either, just google it...

and so on...

i might be wrong, maybe it's not vsync related, but it sure look like it, and version 5.56 work just great.

To conclude, wouldn't you like it if winamp was the #1 player in the world, like it should be if more sane decision had been made in the past??? I noticed a tendency in good programs to start adding ton of craps features when a program reach maturity, rendering it bloated, slower, and bug filled in the end. I mean cmon, just turning the new skin on eat 20-40% of my cpu just by playing mp3 (it's near 0-1% when using the classic skin)... which make games lag ect. Who want to buy a core i7 just to play mp3 while playing games?

What do i like about winamp? well the playlist is very good, the plugins system is awsome,
the enhancer plugins + the built in equalizer really make songs and movies sound much better than any other player, and the interface is more fun to use than wmp a LOT, especially for swiching between fullscreen and windowd mode.
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