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Importing FLAC files only when MP3 exists


I have a pretty large music collection (over 700 folders) and some are in FLAC format, some in MP3 format. Those that are FLAC format I also converted in MP3 and stored in an extra MP3 directory in the same folder as the FLAC (so I can listen to them on my iPod, while using FLAC for PC)

My question is, is it possible for Winamp to import the library in bulk but import MP3 files only if they do not have corresponding FLAC files? If I add everything at once, it adds both FLAC and MP3 of the same album, which isn't desirable.


Album 1\*FLAC files* <- This should be added
Album 1\MP3\*MP3 files* <- This should NOT be added
Album 2\*MP3 files* <- This should be added (as there are no corresponding FLAC files)

Thank you for any assistance and have a nice day
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