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ipod synch bug

I use winamp 5.24 clean install, on windows xp x64 edition.
when I tried synching a playlist I made with my ipod nano, the media library view jumped to the "portables" view to start showing my the progress. However, after the first song was done with a %100, it got stuck, and I couldn't eject the device, as the winamp insisted that it was in the middle of a file transfer. The easiest way I found to get around it, was to close the winamp (or disconnect the ipod's cable by hand). After reconnecting the ipod, and launchign the winamp, no new songs were on the ipod - not even that first one who got to %100.

I tried to figure out what caused it, and I reached the conclusion the winamp doesn't like two songs with the same name, album and artist in their id3 tags. It is quite a rare occasion, but Johnny Cash's Live at San-Quantin show has the San-Quantint song two times in a row. The only difference, id3-tag-wise, is the track number. It's also the only difference in my filenames - "06 - San Quantin.mp3" and "07 - San Quantin.mp3". I tried several tricks around it - renaming the files did nothing to fix this problem. But changing their id3 tags did work. just adding a single character to either one just got both of them into the ipod without any problem.
I checked this bug also on itunes, and on foo-bar. Both other softwares didn't have any problems with two songs with the same title/artist/album id3.

Anyone else around here seen this kinda thing?
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