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JTFE v. 0.97.7 (build 49) and AVS


Two days before I have installed
Jump To File Extra v. 0.97.7 (build 49) plug-in
followed by JTFE query
" version of JTFE is available..."
Since that moment, i experienced an issue -
I could not launch AVS visualization almost always
- not always, rarely it was successfully launched -
until I uninstalled jtfe from my computer.

Details: When I am trying to open an AVS window, winamp terminates.

Winamp v. 5.24 full
(with no additional plug-ins installed)

Now I will try to describe my hardware
System: Win'XP SP2 on P4
Audio: AC97 Realtek
Video: NVidia Geforce fx5700 ve, NView disabled


EDIT: I am checking maybe I had posted it incorrectly - does it belong to main page? Actually, jtfe v0.97.7 is Winamp 5.25 official plug-in.
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