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ml_playlists.dll (v1.17)

Winamp 5.572
Language Pack: None(English)
Clean install with no 3rd party plugins other than Monkey's audio.
Skin: Winamp Modern and Classic skins

OS: Windows XP SP3
Locale: Korean
CPU: Intel 805d
Memory: 1GB RAM (with its half free)

There are two problems (or maybe mere gliches).
1. Winamp add addtional line-feed charater while it tries to save playlist.
When a unicoded song title matches some (unknown) condition, winamp adds an additional CR/LF character into default playlist while I close winamp. So next time I begin winamp I see CR/LF character attached at the end of some titles.
When I quit and start again it all comes ok without CR/LF character. But once quit again, they all come back.
While those characters are in sight, I save a new playlist and get those character included. So it ends up with a bad playlist.

*CR/LF character is displayed by windows as a filled box with a small circle in the center. And I can open to see default playlist file has additional empty line after a song path.

*I can still select all(ctrl+a) and update(ctrl+alt+e) to correct this. It's what I've been doing for years.

*I've uploaded an mp3 file (that matched the condition) and a screen shot in my Skydrive account.

2. IME won't work when focus is in the playlist.
'Microsoft Office IME 2007' has been installed along with MS Office 2007. -> won't work
I tried with default Korean IME 2002 which is included in Windows xp. -> no go

- Symptom
When I leave IME on Korean while searching in ML and move focus to playlist, boom, it doesn't accept hot keys (that do not needs combination). So I'll have to move focus to something else, change IME, and come back to playlist to press 'j', 'm' or 'x'.
This might happen in another languages like Japanese or Chinese but I'm not sure.

* I can live with this. I don't want BIGGER winamp than winamp with a MINOR GLITCH.

** Screen shot of no. 1.

*** I hope that playlist scroll bar acting unlike windows default action can be selectable via option, too.
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