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as you're using uncode media i'm not sure why you've not made use of the m3u8 playlist format which is designed to cope with such media. however i'm not able to reproduce the weird issue you've shown with your winamp.m3u (would be intrigued to see what the winamp.m3u8 is like as well) even with the sample file you've provided. though as you're obviously using a different system locale i'm not sure i'd be able to see such an issue anyway.

i'd be interested to see your plug-ins list just incase as this is the first time i've seen anyone show such an issue with Winamp's playlist saving.

alas i don't have that installed so not able to test it & if i did have it installed i'm not sure how i'm even meant to use ime so am clueless on this (as most of the other people providing support around here would be as well).

Originally Posted by praise4him View Post
*** I hope that playlist scroll bar acting unlike windows default action can be selectable via option, too.
it's been requested but that's part of the fun of Winamp so i really doubt it would change as it's been like that for over a decade).

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