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Originally Posted by langdon View Post
The base installation Winamp 5.572 cannot read the data from my Creative Zen Vision:M... or maybe it can read it, but it doesn't display it. It only appears to know the number of songs on the device.

I've narrowed it down to Nullsoft Microsoft PlaysForSure Plug-in v0.8 [pmp_p4s.dll], and by replacing the file (dated ‎Wednesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2010, ‏‎5:46:00 PM) with the version from Winamp 5.55's installation (dated ‎Wednesday, ‎February ‎25, ‎2009, ‏‎4:18:38 PM) along with nscrt.dll, it begins working fine.

Winamp 5.572 (Jan 13th) - clean install (with NO 3rd-party plugins)
Skin: Winamp Classic
Windows OS: Windows 7 Pro
System specs: athlon x2 6000+, 4gb
Video Card: geforce 8800gtx
Sound Card: onboard asus
DirectX: (sorry I'm in remote desktop, I guess it's like 11)
Plugin (and version) affected by/causing the bug

A full, detailed, step-by-step method of reproduction:

1. Install winamp5572_full_emusic-7plus_en-us
2. Try to view Winamp Library -> Portables when a Creative Zen Vision M is plugged in
3. Name of device not shown, songs are listed by artist/title/time/etc is blank (see attached screenshot)

Curiously the initial installation sometimes did work... if you restart Winamp though, it always fails to display. It seemed to be related to the library being initialized, but I couldn't reproduce it by deleting AppData\Roaming\Winamp. Either way, it's still a consistent issue and exists on multiple machines.


1. Replace Winamp\Plugins\pmp_p4s.dll with an old version (I got a working one from a Winamp 5.55 installation)
2. Copy nscrt.dll to Winamp\, since the old pmp_p4s.dll appears to need it.

The first screen shot is the not working one, the second is after the fix has been applied.

Thanks for looking into this.
I am having this exact same problem with two computers: One Windows Vista, the latest XP home. It will also work initially for a while after a new install when I tried it on Vista, but then reverts to the blank name and song information.
The issue with my XP computer started after I tried to transfer 16GB to my Zen: Vision M 32GB and Winamp stopped responding and started leaking memory, which is another bug in and of itself. It was up around 1GB of pagefile usage when I killed it. WUDFHost.exe was also running, but was killed after Winamp was. The next time I tried to access it, it just wasn't listed (a problem that also happens with my Vista install). Now it shows up with the blank name/info.
I've tried deleting the USB device information in the registry to no avail. The device still works fine with Windows Media Player on the computers where it doesn't work with Winamp.
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