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NSVx has been updated to version 0.1.1

This update has two major improvements:
-First off, a huge thanks goes out to Slavas who took the time to explain how the hell those damned fractional framerates work. Because of this, I've fixed the way NSVx detects these, and now it can detect any framerate no matter what kind it is. Because of this, the StreamVideo function won't accept a framerate from you anymore since it doesn't need to. Thanks again Slavas.
-Basic title streaming. You can now pass along a Title when you call the StreamVideo function and NSVx will update the Title information on the server. In the next version, I hope to make it so that NSVx updates the title without you telling it what to say. If you don't supply a title, it'll get it out of the NSV header or use the filename if no headers are available.

Minor change:
-You now tell NSVx the listener port rather than the service port of the Shoutcast server. Nearly all NSV programs have you enter the listener port so I figured it'd be easier if thats what NSVx accepted.


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