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It seems to me you've taken a fake 3D plane, and added some basically circular paramaterisation to the beginning. Thats a pretty poor effort.

A propper 3D DM will alow you to shift the location and direction of the camera, the typical approach is to pass the x and y through a serious of rotation matricies (3 for rotation in all axis) and then raytrace a shape by entering the equation in terms of x and y (you'll need to sit down with a piece of paper and work it out) then offset by the camera location and project the result to 2D (with a projection dependant on the type of texturing you want to do)....basically theres a lot to it, and your 5 lines of code aren't even close.

I would type a huge explanation of 3D coding in AVS to make myself look cool and knowledgable, but I'm sure if you search the forum you'll find more than one.

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