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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
If only it was that simple...

We couldn't leave it the way it was, because the previous owner owned all the content and didn't include the design/ui in the package.

We are currently redesigning the site and rewriting the in-client services etc. from scratch, because there's no alternative (other than there being nothing there at all). The content that's up at the moment is just a temporary solution until the redesign is ready.
A suggestion for the eventual new SHOUTcast is to make it work more like Spotify. (If not outright copying the way Spotify works)

The way Winamp and SHOUTast work currently, are tbh a way of old to say the least... (like opening a SHOUTcast stream requires a playlist file be downloaded... why not have a protocol?)
SHOUTcast was there before Spotify was ever even born but its been all but forgotten in the sands of time.. Its only users are users that know it from its glory days of the early 2000's and whatever word of mouth said users can pass along.

To be relevant once more SHOUTcast needs to adapt.. Things have changed so much as far as streaming media goes since it was born with the likes of SHOUTcast in the 90's, but while the world moved on; SHOUTcast (and by association too Winamp) have stagnated so hard.. SHOUTcast used to MEAN streaming media once.

Its gone to the point that mentioning Winamp's name to the current internet generation evokes laughter due the assumption anyone that uses it is into "retro" stuff.. (and i cat blame them on that)

I honestly hope the legacy AOL left on Winamp will be shed and the Llama will kick ass once more, things like Winamp dont just die, they evolve, and judging by the work thats been done on the new (temporary?) homepage.. then things seems to be going for the better (appealing website = instant consumer attraction)

Someday... just someday... Winamp might go back to being the thing youll always find on someone's PC, Android, and whatever other handheld device is worthy of the Llamas attention. Or at the very least just dethrone the cancer otherwise known as iTunes.
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