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1 entry found for mozilla.


<World-Wide Web, body, open source> The open source web
browser, designed for standards-compliance, performance, and
portability, whose development is coordinated by

The Mozilla project started in March 1998 when Netscape
Communications Corporation released the source code of
Netscape Communicator. The now abandoned version based on
that code is referred to as "Mozilla Classic". Since then,
much has been rewritten, including the layout engine, the
networking library, and the front-end. was set up by Netscape in January 1998 to
coordinate development and to provide a point of contact for
interested people. Mozilla 1.0 was finally released on

Although a lot of Mozilla code is under the original Netscape
Public License, some parts of the code are under the Mozilla
Public License or dual MPL/GPL.

"Mozilla" was the original project code name for Netscape
Navigator and, according to some of the documentation, the
correct pronunciation of "Netscape".


[Derived from "Mosaic killer/Godzilla"?]
at the end: Derived from "mosaic killer/Godzilla

MOEsaic/killer godZILLA
-saic/killer god


And On that day, the Lords of the land said unto their Master Architect, "The temple you have made to the gods of Wasabi and Maki has brought us no great prosperity" and they sent out him into the lands.

As he traveled to a far off land, he found he wasn't traveling alone, but that he had gained companions, and when they found their new land, they started work on a new temple, one that would be OPEN to all who wanted to worship.

from The Book of Wasabi C 12 Vs 09 (pg 2003)
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