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Hey all you un-naked people!

Long time, no lurk.

How have you folks been, and what have I missed here in the past several months?

I've been busy with my new business of constructing, tuning and selling high-performance gaming PCs. Meaning yes, I get to play games for a living! (For part of it, anyway.) Also learned that Crysis isn't quite the hardware killer people say it is. "Laughs at any CPU or GPU you can throw at it?" Ha! My hardware kicks Crysis's ass, even when I'm only using one GPU. (Granted, at the moment it happens to be an overclocked 8800 GTS 640, but it's still only one GPU.) Pardon me - I'm just very happy so far with the success of these builds.

The downside is that I don't have a PC I can call my own at the moment. At any given time I use whatever I've built for sale that week. So for a couple of days each week I have nothing, then for the other five I have whatever I've built from the latest current technologies.

Anyway, I've missed all you guys tremendously. So help me catch up... Any big, earth-shaking, forum-changing events happen here while I was gone?

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