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My brotha!

Originally posted by k_rock923
Nice to see you, Chris. Not much is new over here. Finished up junior year (with a 3.75 this semester).
That's fantastic, man! (And much better than my junior year grades. )

Originally posted by k_rock923
It was very hard for me to do this, but I've actually taken a full week's vacation without doing any work related activities whatsoever. I am so relaxed that I'm almost itching to go back to work. I guess that's the whole idea of time off.
What's that like? I've taken "time off" before, but it's never been completely "off". During a vacation I'm still looking for WiFi hotspots, trying to solve problems with text messages and emails, and spending most of my time with a Motorola Bluetooth earpiece stuck to my head.

I envy you - I need a real vacation.

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