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Welcome back, Chris. Glad to hear you're doing well.

On my end, well... let's just say that the year has got off to a pretty rough start. My cat died, then less than a month later my dog died, and then on April 15 my grandfather died. Let's hope the rest of the year is smooth sailing, I think I've hit my quota for upset already this year.

But there is some good news too. I'm working on transferring to Sacramento State to go into nursing. I've just about had it with this town, I've been hanging around here for far too long and it's time to move on and live my life with a fresh start. I'll more than likely be heading out there in late December or early January so that I can take a few more credits here for a lot less money and then I can transfer in as a junior.

I also bought a keyboard about five months ago and I'm learning to play that and have even started writing a few songs. If I ever get enough confidence (and a decent way to record and mix the tracks) I might just put a few up in the music section.

Anyway, congratulations on the business. That sounds pretty freaking sweet.

Spiral out, my friend. You will find your way back to yourself, we all will.
I'll be waiting, and shall see you on the other side...
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