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Re: Hey all you un-naked people!

Originally posted by ScorLibran
I've been busy with my new business of constructing, tuning and selling high-performance gaming PCs. Meaning yes, I get to play games for a living! (For part of it, anyway.)
Awesome, I've always wanted to do something like that, but don't even know where to start.

Also learned that Crysis isn't quite the hardware killer people say it is.
I've been preaching that across the internet for months, but no one seems to believe me. I'm glad that there's at least one other person out there who realizes this.

Anyway, I've missed all you guys tremendously. So help me catch up... Any big, earth-shaking, forum-changing events happen here while I was gone?
Well I found out that kofplayer is officially physically addicted to counting, but other than that, nothing eventful has happened in my life.

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