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Re: Re: Hey all you un-naked people!

Originally posted by denkensiefursich
On my end, well... let's just say that the year has got off to a pretty rough start. My cat died, then less than a month later my dog died, and then on April 15 my grandfather died. Let's hope the rest of the year is smooth sailing, I think I've hit my quota for upset already this year.
I'm really sorry, D-man. Somretimes it seems like those kind of things happen in groups, but that's not to say each one by itself is traumatizing. At least time really does heal all wounds. As for you pets, I'd recommend waiting about 6 months or so, then going to the pound and adopt whichever dog or cat catches your fancy. You'd be doing a favor for both them and yourself.

Also, congrats on your university change, and I hope you get as addicted to making music as I did. I've always considered it one of my life's true loves. I just hope the nerve damage in my left arm and shoulder will one day still allow me to play my Stuart Spector 4-string. (I sold my Fender 5-string last year to someone who was very excited to get it!)

Originally posted by Vie
What, I don't get a hi now?
My apologies...Hi Vie! How've you been?

Originally posted by Psythik
Awesome, I've always wanted to do something like that, but don't even know where to start.
Find a mentor - someone who's been doing it a while and who has essentially mastered it (or at least most of it). You can learn a lot more by observing and participating in the work with such a person than you would just reading about it. That's always been my experience, anyway. (And in case you were wondering, yes, I had a mentor back in the early 80s when I began building and customizing computer systems.)

Absorb as much knowledge as you can from sources you come to trust, and then learn the rest by trial and error. Thankfully, overclocking a computer today means something very different than it did 10+ years ago. You almost had to figure in to your budget an extra CPU, motherboard, etc. to replace the component that you'd be bound to kill along the way.

Nowadays, there are so many thermal and processing safeguards that it would actually be hard to break a component without a hammer. But seriously, there are indeed still ways to fry components, but just a little experience with what you should and shouldn't do during a customization can reasonably prevent any such regrets and expenditures.

Originally posted by Psythik
I've been preaching that across the internet for months, but no one seems to believe me. I'm glad that there's at least one other person out there who realizes this.
I won't deny that it's a VERY hard game to run well on most systems, and that its system requirements are quite steep. But the level of hardware which is able to run it what I'd call "well" is becoming much more prevalent in the market, and cheaper to attain. Only recently have PCs in the ballpark of $1500-$1800 provided a level of performance and resources to be able to run such a program near or above the perceptual threshold frame rate.

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