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Can all kind of Milkdrop Presets be used in projectM?

I think, this thread will belong to Winamp Forums > Visualizations > MilkDrop and not to Winamp Forums > Winamp > Winamp for Android.

An artist-colleague had complained, that there would be no visualizations in mp3 players on Android devices, and I gave him the link to projectM on Google Play:

"Beim ersten Start wird projectM 150 Presets in / sdcard / projectM herunterladen. Dies ist nur zum Einstieg. Es gibt Tausende von Presets avaialble Online ausprobieren."... If other presets can be pasted, then I should ask, if all kind of presets can be used, because some presets have PS1, some presets have PS2 and some presets have PS3.

I don't know, if there are limits with the pixel shader mode for projectM on Android now, and the same question should be asked for projectM for iOS, of course:

I should leave also the link to the main page:

"Zur Erhöhung der Qualität oder der Leistung, passen Texturgröße unter Einstellungen. Maschenweite ist auch nützlich, wenn Textur-Größe ist nicht genug."... Then also textures can be used? But I think, new textures have to be in .jpg and 256x256 pixel.

When I gave him the link to Google Play, I mentioned, that I have also a .zip-folder with many further presets. I just want to ensure, that also very "heavy presets" can be used in projectM on Android, iOS, Mac, Linux or whatever.

I think, also other people want to know that...

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